Communicate early and often. 
There’s no such thing as too much communication.
Communication is vital to success.

These oft-repeated one-liners are true — especially when it comes to change management. But what exactly is change management?

As defined by the Wake Forest/Huron Change Management Strategy, change management is the key to the acceptance and support needed for implementing sustained change. It can help establish expectations, support cross-campus understanding by sharing information about what’s to come, and mitigate disruptions during implementation. The purpose of Wake Forest’s change management strategy is to:

  • Develop and manage a change management framework to utilize during Project WakeDay;
  • Ensure acceptance, support and commitment through defined strategies and tasks;
  • And work with key stakeholders to support the implementation of the change management approach, including our change network participants and key governance groups across campus

Throughout this project, the change management team will focus on the people-side of change by cultivating empathy and understanding of our community. You can find the members of the change management team on the WakeDay Project site. This team wants to open communication pathways to ensure a strong feedback loop. To accomplish this, we’ll focus our efforts on communication, learning and support by:

  • Communicating the what and why for upcoming changes to create transparency and build connections between feedback and our forward path;
  • Creating key learning opportunities by curating a wide variety of mediums and materials to support the varied learning styles across our community;
  • Ensuring strong post-launch support by leveraging lessons learned from past implementations 
  • And by collecting feedback from the Wake Forest community throughout the implementation process.

While Wake Forest is committed to thoughtfully implementing Workday, including limiting unnecessary customizations and minimizing disruption, process and policy changes are inevitable. Project WakeDay’s change management team recognizes that the University’s switch to Workday Student is complex and that such large-scale transition can be overwhelming.

That’s why the change management team is here — to guide the University toward Workday Student in a healthy and sustainable way, communicate changes clearly and effectively, and support the Wake Forest community in the face of something new.

Upon request, Project WakeDay team members have presented information to several campus groups throughout Spring 2023, including the Information Technology Executive Committee (ITEC), the Staff Advisory Council (SAC), the Dean’s Student Advisory Panel (DSAP), the Senior Business Administrators (SBA) and the Business Administrators Forum. Is your office interested in receiving a presentation or updates for your publication? Contact us at to set something up.

To learn more, please visit the Project WakeDay website and subscribe to the project’s Google group to receive the Word on WakeDay newsletter. We also welcome your feedback and questions through this webform or by email at

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