January to April 2024

The first few months of 2024 were highly productive for the Project WakeDay team, which successfully completed its second milestone and the most comprehensive launch of Workday Student system functionality. In early spring, faculty, staff and students were officially granted access to advising, academic planning and course registration activities in the new system.

“This implementation, especially this second milestone, is a momentous accomplishment for the University. We are already seeing the community benefit from improved efficiencies around academic operations, analytics and reporting,” says Mur Muchane, Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer. “It has been thrilling to watch our campus partners learn together and then begin to utilize Workday in ways that will benefit Wake Forest for years to come.”

In late February, team representatives gave a high-level overview of Project WakeDay at How Wake Works, an event sponsored by Provost Michele Gillespie and Executive Vice President and CFO Jacqueline A. Travisano, the project’s executive co-sponsors. Presenters included Mur Muchane, Matt Imboden, Chief Student Services Officer for the School of Business and the project’s Change Management Lead, and Anne Hardcastle, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs. The presentation focused on how Workday Student aligns with WFU’s technology strategic plan, specifically on improving the student experience and enhancing the University’s overall administrative effectiveness. To learn more, watch a recording of the presentation and view the presentation slides at this link.

Also in February, campus was buzzing with Workday activity as audiences gathered to learn how to engage with the new technology in preparation for Fall 2024 registration. More than 200 on-demand videos and job aids were published on the website’s training pages, and the Change Management team led more than 55 hours of presentations during 36 readiness sessions. These demonstrations were designed for a variety of audiences, including advisors, academic support staff, and graduate and undergraduate students. After the events, videos were published on both the website and the project’s Kaltura channel for those who were unable to attend.

Then, after two weeks of advising in March, in which faculty advisors and academic support staff did a fantastic job jumping into Workday to help students build academic plans and saved schedules in the new system, it was time for registration to begin for more than 3,000 students across campus. As expected with a project of this size, there were a few minor bumps, however, team members were available to support students in real time, including during 128 hours of in-person tabling, as well as through a dedicated phone line and active email inboxes.

“The team is so pleased with how our University partners embraced Workday over the past few weeks. Hearing comments that training materials were easy to navigate and that Workday was much better than Banner make all the hard work worth it,” says Project Manager Phil May. “The testing and preparation seemed overwhelming at times, especially as we neared this second milestone, but the results of registration speak for themselves. Workday is really making a difference in the student experience at Wake Forest, and it’s exciting to see.”

Check out more statistics about registration on this graphic, and read on to learn about testing, engagement and training, as well as what’s next for Project WakeDay.

What’s Next for Project WakeDay?

While a team celebration recently recognized the success of the project so far, there is still considerable work to be done. With the University’s first major usage of Workday functionality now complete, the team will focus efforts on supporting campus constituencies as they begin to employ the live, robust data that the new system offers. Team members will also continue to prepare and support those whose work will move into Workday this summer and fall.

To learn more about the next milestone, when student financials activities will go live in Workday, two virtual Readiness Sessions will be held on May 1 and June 12. The demonstrations will focus on the student perspective, but all interested community members are invited to attend a session, as the same information will be presented at each. Register now at this link.

The Project WakeDay website, The Word on WakeDay newsletter and project communications are managed by Communications Specialist Abby Langston. Questions and comments can be directed to the project team at WakeDay@wfu.edu or through this feedback form.

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