Apps (also known as worklets) are used for performing various tasks. Some apps will be added to everyone’s homepage, whereas others appear based on your specific job function and duties. There are also optional app icons you can add to your homepage. To launch an app, click on its icon within Workday.

Academic Advising

Worklet icon for Academic Advising

Easily accessible academic requirements and enrollment history enable students and advisors to chart their academic path to graduation.

Academic Foundation

Worklet icon of Academic Foundation

Access all academic programs, structures, calendars and more.

Curriculum Management

Worklet icon of Curriculum Management

With a connected system, the process of creating, scheduling, and tracking new courses is seamless, leading to a better experience for students and advisors. All in a single system.

Financial Aid

worklet icon of Financial Aid

Seamlessly integrated with the Financial Aid Portal, awards, work-study, and more will be accessible for students and support staff.

Student Financials

worklet icon of Student Financial

Students can easily assess charges, view their student account, make payments, and authorize proxies.

Student Records

worklet icon of Student Records

Students, faculty, and administrative staff can easily access student academic records, track progress, and act if necessary.